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I’m quite proud of my Chris Stark fanart xD
Yes the joke is easy but ey Game of Thrones tonight!

I’m quite proud of my Chris Stark fanart xD

Yes the joke is easy but ey Game of Thrones tonight!


Doctor Who/ Dan and Phil crossover AU Meme: A young man named Dan is plagued by dreams of savage monsters, strange robots, weeping angels, and hurtling through time and space with a mad man in a little blue box. Little does he know they’re much more than hallucinations of sleep; they’re faded memories of someone with ebony hair and the clearest crystal blue eyes; faded memories of the wildest adventures. He can hear that absurd whirring so clearly, yet to him all these dreams will be nothing more than figments of his imagination. Meanwhile the Doctor continues to travel through the universe, however he is companionless; his hearts ache greatly.


Crossover OTP
                          ˪  Becky/Kyle ♥ Beckyle.

This is kinda hilarious xD

Forget Phan guys, Beckyle is the new thang! 


NEW VIDEO :D ONE SECOND. - I will follow 5 people who reblog! I’ll post their links in the morning :D I need some new people in my life.

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“Real Or No Real” with Dan & Phil on BBC Radio 1 (Monday, 25 Feb 2013)

Guys vote the shit out of that Shorty Award thing for Phil, NOW!!!

Dan wants Phil to win and he’s right he deserves to win.

You managed so many things on the Radio show, you made Dan win that Sugarscape thing, VOTE NOW FOR PHIL!

We can do it guys!



And again in my head it went like...

Phil: It's your 1 million video, why should I be in it?

Dan: Well you're partly responsible for this craziness happening, aren't you? So now come here and look cool whilst setting me on fire.

Phil: Uuh... Ok!

There are two kinds of people

Someone in the chat: Will you be my Valentine?

Phil: Yes, I 'll be everyone's Valentine <333

Dan: NO.